Why You Need Elderberry This Cold and Flu Season

The start of winter is wonderful. It’s the season of rain pitter-pattering on your tin roof, rugging up on the couch with a cuppa and enjoying movie nights in with the family.

But after a month? The sniffles set in. The scratchy throat. The intermittent coughs.

After a month, we welcome the cold and flu season.

Those movie nights turn into spilled soup on the couch, tucking the kids into bed early, taking temperatures and eternally picking up snotty tissues left around the house.

We don’t want the magic of winter to disappear because of the cold and flu season, so we’re using our Elderberry Immunity Gummies this season to help combat those pesky winter sniffles.

Elderberry is our go-to ingredient for the colder months, where it works wonders for your immune health. It’s been proven that elderberry has a potent direct antiviral effect against the flu virus. It inhibits the early stages of infection by blocking the key viral proteins responsible for transmitting the flu.

Elderberry is great at preventing the flu from inhibiting your body. It’s even better at getting the flu out of your system. So, if you catch the flu and aren’t taking elderberry supplements? You can start taking our Elderberry Immunity Gummies to get the flu out of your system.

Essentially? Elderberry is your new wintry best friend. It’s your armour against the flu. It will keep you healthy and happy throughout the winter months so you can keep enjoying (instead of cursing) those family movie nights in.

Our Elderberry Immunity Gummies contain Elderberry Extract, Vitamin C and Zinc to help prevent cold-like symptoms and keep you and your family healthy and happy throughout winter.

Just pop two of these gummies a day to return to the winter wonderland of watching storms through the window, listening to the rain on the roof and enjoying Friday night family movie nights in
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