Tips to get motivated to exercise in winter - with a little help from Nourished Nutrition

It’s hard to get motivated in winter. From getting out of that warm, toasty bed to going to the gym, everything is just a little bit harder than usual. We’re here to tell you that it’s normal. Temperature has a direct effect on our body’s natural rhythm, so we’re all expected to feel a drop in motivation during the colder months. We might not want to exercise. We might want to stay rugged up inside, sitting in front of the heater with a hot cuppa and a good movie. But it’s important to stay active, even when it’s the last thing you want to do. So, we’ve put together a list of ways to help you get motivated and stay active in winter.

  1. Make a routine.

Plan out your week, pick the days you want to exercise and stick to it. Whether you get a personal trainer involved or attend classes at your local gym, choose the option that will best allow you to stick to your new weekly routine.

  1. Prep the night before.

Get your exercise gear out of the cupboard. Untie the laces on your sneakers. Put it all out next to your bed so that it’s in your field of vision when you wake up. Setting an intention and taking the actions to fulfill it will up your chances of actually getting out of bed in the morning.

  1. Buddy up.

Find a friend who will hold you accountable to your exercise goals. Better yet? Work out together. Set up a workout schedule with your exercise buddy, because it’s much easier to stay in bed when you’re not cancelling on anyone!

  1. Incentives.

Set yourself an exercise goal and if you stick to it? You get a treat. Our favourites are exercise-related, so they’ll keep you motivated even after you’ve reached your goal. We’re talking about that new pair of Lorna Jane tights you’ve been eyeing off, or the new Nike’s without holes at the toes. Then? You’ll want to keep active just to use your new gear!

  1. Last, but not least, is our Nourished Nutrition Sports Whey protein powder.

Available in both choc and vanilla flavours, it’ll keep you motivated and energised as you move through that dreaded winter workout. Now? It’s time to get off the couch. Away from the heater. Hop in your car or hit the footpath and stay active this winter, with a little help from Nourished Nutrition.

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