The link between food and your mood.

As more studies emerge, more people have become aware and conscious about what they are eating and how there is a relationship between what you eat and how it can affect you. It can go as far as that what you choose to eat, or drink can encourage bad moods and depression. Therefore, it might be a good idea to start paying attention to what you eat. As your gut is the main immune system, if this is not balanced with healthy foods, it becomes imbalanced and can cause mental illness. The main food that causes these problems is sugar. Sugar triggers the same pleasure center in the brain as addictive drugs, which is why it can be so hard to give sugar up, therefore, we lose self-control, overeat and subsequently, gain weight.

There is also further research that suggests that stress can be triggered by our sugar levels. When we are stressed, our bodies crave sugar as a way of energy and comfort. It is evident today, that we can fix many of our mental health issues by just simply changing our diet. Instead of eating processed and sugary foods, consuming more complex carbs, such as fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. Additionally, eating high protein foods, such as, fish, meat, poultry and dairy which help energy levels and immunity levels. Amino acids that are found in protein is essential for our mental health and supports brain functions.

That being said, we aren’t saying you should cut sugar out altogether. Instead of having a bad day and eating unhealthily the whole day, only have one bad meal and eat healthy the rest of the day, that way you are learning to curve your addiction and not feel bad about eating something unhealthy. It is about learning to have a little snack of chocolate and not the full bar.

While not everyone is affected the same way and some people are able to eat poorly and it not affect them, there are so many people who have this problem, most people do not even realise that they have it and wonder why they are so up and down. 

So remember to choose healthy foods that make you feel happy, a balanced diet to prevent any symptoms of depression, leave the processed foods behind and if you do have a treat, make sure it is only one. 

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