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The Keys to Recovery

The Keys to Recovery

So you’ve made the first, and most important step, on your health journey - you’ve got to the gym or headed outside for a great workout; the next step is managing the fatigue that sets in after pushing your body to the limit. A tough workout regime requires effective recovery, but are you incorporating the most effective recovery methods in your routine? Below we discuss the best ways to ensure your body is truly nourished and repaired.


It may seem like the most basic of requirements, but to reduce the impact of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) the body needs to be effectively hydrated. Drinking water plays a necessary role in ensuring that all our body’s functions are completed properly and effectively, especially muscle repair and replenishing. Drinking at least two litres of water per day post workout ensures that the body can repair at the cellular level, greatly reducing the time it takes to repair muscle fibres.

Warming up and stretching

How you approach your workout prior to starting greatly affects how you recover post-workout. Although it is often disregarded, warming up is vital to recovery. Studies have shown that doing light/body weight exercises at low intensity prior to your high-intensity workout gets your muscle fibres engaged for working out and recovery post workout.

Ensuring you have proper nutrition pre-workout is also essential in giving your body the right amount of fuel to power you through a hard workout.  Consuming some complex-carbs and protein between 30 minutes to 2 hours prior to your workout ensures maximum metabolic efficiency during your workout. Powdered supplements, such as Nourish + Repair, are a great way to get this energy for your workout.

Amino Acid benefits

Amino acids, which are the building blocks of life and are required for the effective functioning of the human body, are found in high protein foods, so eating protein after a tough workout is essential to repair muscles, rebuild lost protein, and build new muscle tissue.  Amino acids and protein are broken down when we exercise thus supplementing with protein allows our bodies to replenish its cells and repair our muscles.

Nourished Nutrition Nourish + Repair Revitalising Protein Blend is full of amino acids and 16.5 grams of clean pea protein per serve, making it a great post-workout recovery option to replenish muscles, and achieve a lean body.  In addition to important amino acids, every serve of Nourish + Repair contains 1.6bn CFU of probiotics, which are great, beneficial bacteria that can be consumed through food or supplements and help to balance inner gut flora. When the gut is healthy, so is our ability to fight off colds and infections, maintain a more optimal weight, and improve digestion and repair.