Protein powders - do we really need them and what do they do to our bodies?

Do we really need protein powder?

The short answer is no. Your body do not need protein powder as you can get protein from natural sources, such as eggs, meat, fish, beans, milk, cheese, nuts and seeds. However, athletes rely on powders because, not only are they convenient for people who lack the above foods in their day to day diet, but, they do maximize muscle growth and strength and aid with recovery after a workout. Many people work out and do not understand why they are not gaining any muscle mass. This is due to the fact that while they are consuming meat, it is not enough and that is where protein powder comes in. Some people do not want to eat meat for lunch and dinner every day, therefore, different tasting protein powders which can be consumed in baked goods and smoothies are an easy way to consume all of the protein that is needed.

Proteins are a very important part of your diet and something your body absolutely needs. They are especially important, if you are working out as they grow, repair and maintain your muscles. Not only are they important for your muscles, but, they can lower blood pressure and cholesterol and lower blood sugar levels.

What are protein powders made of?

Protein powders are generally made up of milk and egg whites. However, there are vegan and plant-based options, that are derived from soy, hemp, pea and many more. Some powders can be more processed than others as they contain, added sugars, artificial sweeteners, vitamins and minerals and even some additives like caffeine and so it is important to know which powders to go for and which to stay away from. 

What does protein powder do to our bodies?

Fulfill our appetite 

It has been continuously shown what positive effects protein powders have on the body. They can help with weight management as it causes you to feel fuller for longer. Having a feeling of fulfillment means that you are less likely to frequently snack in between meals which leads to a healthy weight or losing weight if necessary. Many studies have found that protein powder may also be able to reduce body fat in overweight people.

Encourage muscle growth 

If you want to encourage muscle growth, then protein is the main food source that will enable this. Many gym enthusiasts consume protein shakes as they believe that they can create bulk. For people who want to gain muscle mass, protein powders are the way to go.

Aid with recovery after exercise

Alongside contributing to muscle growth, protein powders can assist with recovery after exercising. Muscles and tissues that have been damaged and are sore after a workout can be repaired with powder. Protein with a combination of carbohydrates can help muscles restore and regain their strength through protein synthesis.

Help shake things up

Protein powders can be taken when you don’t feel like eating meat for lunch and dinner. If you find that your meals throughout the day are lacking the protein that your body needs, then substituting meat for protein powder if a nice way to mix it up and have a delicious smoothie or baked goods.

To shake or not to shake?

While it is clear that you can get the proteins you need in your everyday foods, if the proteins you are eating aren't enough, you are looking to lose weight or bulk up, protein powders are what will help achieve your goal.

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