How does your body process sugar?

Everyone knows that sugar is one of the worst things that we can put into our bodies and that it causes us to gain weight, but what does it actually do within the body?

Being that sugar is a carbohydrate that is turned into glycogen within the body, if you digest too much of it, it is then stores as fat (triglycerides) within your cells. Sugar enters the body within your blood stream and goes to the pancreas, which is where insulin is created to regulate your sugar levels. Sugar is stored within the muscles and lives as fat which is then used as energy when you need it later. However, if you consume too much sugar over long periods, this can cause serious problems, such as diabetes and kidney and heart disease. Furthermore, sugar also has a very negative impact on our mood and can cause you to become more susceptible to depression and other serious mental health problems. It is no surprise that most people after eating sugar will have a sugar crash, which leads to mental fatigue and irritability. This is something that we will look into a lot deeper detail in next weeks blog. That being said, we do need some sugars in our diet, but the natural ones that are found in fruit and vegetables. These sugars are not processed, and they are high in fiber and nutrients which makes it much easier for your liver to digest. Furthermore, they don’t cause sugar crashes. So, the best way to eat less sugar is to swap. There are lots and lots of yummy low or no sugar foods and snacks out there that you can enjoy without worrying about what affect it will have on you. Using our protein powder in a smoothie to create a sweet yet healthy shake. If you are craving chocolate, use our chocolate protein powder and create some yummy healthy pancakes or protein balls. Not only are these alternatives healthy, they are easy to make and will curve that sugar craving.

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