Fight the flu with Nourished Nutrition Superfood Powders

Winter is upon us. We know that means the heaters are blasting, the warmest blankets are being dragged out of the dusty cupboard and your kettle is turned on more than any other appliance in the kitchen (because who doesn’t love a good, hot cuppa on a cold wintry day?).

While winter brings joy in the form of boardgame nights with your family, rugging up on the couch for movie nights with your loved ones and hot choccies all day every day, it also brings the winter flu.

The flu ruins those fun movie nights with a head as heavy as a brick, snotty tissues all over the floor and a throat so scratchy not even the best ginger and lemon tea can help. Safe to say, the flu will ruin those perfect winter nights in.

We’re a fan of those cosy nights in without the flu, so we kick the flu to the kerb with our Nourished & Co superfood powders. Because if anything can fight the flu, it’ll be a super (hero, food – same thing!).

But what is a superfood powder, and how will it help fight the flu?

Superfood powders are made of, you guessed it, superfoods, and contain all the healthy benefits of those foods. They’re jam packed with fruit and veg, vitamins, collagen and zinc to help keep your immune system running at full capacity. This helps fight off the flu and keep you healthy through the colder months.

Our Nourished & Co superfood powders come in two immunity boosting flavours to help kick the flu to the kerb. Our Super Greens powder is perfect for those who love their greens and need to up their daily dose of those all to important fruit and veg. Our Super Immunity powder is our go-to for conquering that winter flu though, as it is jam packed with those immunity boosting vitamins and minerals.

To sweeten the deal, our superfood powders taste of summer, coming in both tropical and lemon flavours. Because when you’re in the middle of a cold, long winter and have come down with the flu, you just want to be reminded of the happier, sunnier times ahead.

So, if you feel like you’re coming down with a flu this winter, or if you just like to be prepared, stock up on our Nourished & Co superfood powders.

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