Wellness tips for busy Mums

1. Don’t over think it. You don’t have to go to the gym everyday to workout. If you only have 15 minutes, then you only have 15 minutes. You don’t need to overthink exercising, you can work out anywhere you want, whenever you want; even when you’re standing cooking or ironing or ….. Save the worrying over overthinking for when you work out.

2. Push yourself. Before you have time to demotivate and convince yourself that there are more important things you should be doing, like getting the kids ready for school or preparing their breakfast, make sure that you set your alarm just 15-30 minutes earlier and dedicate all of that time to you. Forget about what you have to do and focus on what you want to do. While it may sound daunting waking up earlier as you could be clasping for as many moments sleep as you can, exercising in the morning will actually increase your energy levels and it is something that you can tick off the list.

3. Don’t put yourself down. Just because you are not a 20 something year old Instagram model who has a casual job and time to exercise every minute of the day does not mean that you are any less. You are the woman that takes care of the household, you are the carer and the mum, the jack of all trades. You shouldn’t need hours and hours each day to train, you are in a different situation to others and so don’t compare. You are you and you are the best version of yourself.

4. Don’t overload. Make sure that you keep it simple. You do not need to overload your plate with a HIT workout here and a 4 mile run there. All you need is a yoga mat and any other easy exercise equipment that you feel will benefit you. Having equipment such as a skipping rope or a resistance band are easy and simple props that you can use to do different exercises.

5. Exercises. Some simple, quick and easy exercises include, skipping; sit ups, squats, plank, high knees, lunges, step ups, arm curls, side leg raises and stretching. Yoga especially is an easy way to clear your mind and relax while exercising at the same time.

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