Do you need to work out to benefit from protein powder?

Do you need to be a gym-junkie to benefit from protein powder?

The short answer? Absolutely not!

Here’s the longer answer.

Protein powder is a nutritional supplement, which, when put simply, increases the amount of protein in your body. Protein is one of those all-star nutrients, essential for building muscle, repairing tissue and making enzymes and hormones.

That’s pretty important work.

Because of this, having healthy levels of protein supports weight management, digestion and a healthy immune system.

It also helps you recover after exercise and supports muscle growth. This is where the age-old stereotype about protein powder comes from, because protein supplements are great for the athletic types and weight-lifting buffs.

It doesn’t help the stereotype that every second gym-junkie who posts on social media has their favourite protein shaker in hand #Fitspo.

We’re here to break that stereotype and give you the facts.

Yes, protein powder is great for the fitspo types.

It can also be great for the not-so fitspo types.

Protein powder supports weight management by making you feel fuller for longer. This means small portion sizes and less frequent snacking, which both play a vital role in weight loss.

It also helps your body fight viral and bacterial infections and works wonders for your overall immune health. Those with low immune health benefit from protein supplements just as much as the gym-junkies wanting to recover from their latest workout.

Protein is one of the most vital nutrients in your body, so making sure you have enough of it is absolutely essential. Protein powder is just one way to increase your protein intake, but it’s an easy and effective way to do it.

So, if you’re looking to up your protein intake in a delicious and nutritious way, give our vegan Nourish + Repair range a go. Our plant-based pea protein is suitable for dairy-sensitive diets and is targeted at supporting total body wellness, both inside and out.

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