Benefits of Protein Powder for Kids


Protein. It’s one of those all too important nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and happy. It’s one of the building blocks of bone, muscle and skin, so it’s essential to keep up your protein intake.

An easy and delicious way to increase your protein intake is through protein powders, which you’d typically associate with gym junkies and weight lifting buffs. We’re here to tell you that protein powders are not only for the fitspo types, but they can be extremely beneficial to you and your kids.

As protein is essential to so many vital bodily functions, it’s important for both you and your kids to keep up your protein intake. While your body may be able to handle any of the run of the mill protein powders on the shelves, your kids need protein powders made with their growing bodies in mind.

Protein triggers the growth process and helps kids develop strong muscles. It can help fulfil their nutritional intake and reduce the risk of obesity. It can also nurture learning, improve focus and provide long-lasting energy to support an active lifestyle.

But it’s important to choose the right protein powder for your kids.

Our Healthy Nourished Kids protein powder is made to ensure your kids are getting all the nutrients they need, without any unnecessary ingredients thrown into the mix. It has the vitamins and minerals needed to help fill any nutritional gaps in their diets, pre- and probiotics for happier, healthier insides, calcium to support healthy bones and plant-based protein to help with growth and development.

But wait, it gets better.

We know how hard it can be to get vitamins into your kids, especially if they look like vitamins (we’re talking vita gummies, vitamin tablets and all the other vitamins your kids scrunch up their noses at). That's why we’ve made our Healthy Nourished Kids protein powder strawberry flavoured, because what kid doesn’t love a good strawberry milkshake?

Just one strawberry protein milkshake a day will keep your kids healthy and happy from the inside out. Our shakes are jam packed with all the nutrients they need to help them live, learn, grow and play.

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