A guide for eating carbohydrates

While many people tell us to stay away from carbs and that they are bad for us; for those of us who want to lose weight, this is not in fact true. Sure, refined carbs, such as white bread, pastries, confectionery, cakes and sweet are what you need to be careful about eating as these can put added weight on and cause problems such as diabetes and other chronic diseases. However, in order to know what carbs to have, you have to know what they are.

Carbohydrates are split into 3 categories: sugar, starch and fiber. Fruit, vegetables and milk fall into the sugar category; starch includes rice, bread and potatoes; while fiber is found in whole grain breads and pasta. The problem isn’t the carbs, it’s the serving size and how much a day you are consuming.

Having toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pasta for tea is a lot of carbs, especially if they are the refined ones. For people who are exercising or are in a more active jobs compared to those sat at a desk all day, they need more starchy carbs. The way to consume carbs is by balancing them with other foods, such as fish, meat, nuts and seeds. If you go cold turkey and try to cut out all carbohydrates, this will in turn cause binging and overeating, especially if you cut out the starchy carbs. That is why it is important not to cut them out completely but restrict yourself. It is about learning how to substitute the refined carbs with good carbs and to swap too much carbs for a healthier option.

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