6 natural ways to boost your energy

Are you always feeling tired and low? Craving naughty food constantly? Having trouble sleeping? Always need a coffee to stay awake? Then look no further.
There are so many people in the world every day who are facing these problems. From one day to the next it is so hard trying to make yourself get out of bed to face the day. That first coffee in the morning that you can’t live without. Consuming bad foods because it’s a comfort. All of these are the wrong things for our bodies, and we will tell you the way to beat it.

1. Go to sleep 15 minutes earlier/restrict your sleep
It is a struggle waking up in the mornings and this could be because your body clock has not adjusted to the time that your alarm goes off. If you find that you are waking up only when your alarm goes off and not before it, then you should try going to bed 15 minutes earlier than you usually do. Do this until you naturally wake up a few minutes before your alarm and you will wake up feeling refreshed and less tired. By waking up when the alarm goes off, your body is not getting a full REM sleep cycle as it is being disturbed and that is what causes you to feel tired. By waking up naturally, your body has had that full, REM sleep without being disturbed and your body clock is in a perfect cycle.

2. Exercise
Exercise is proven to health you sleep soundly. Not only does it circulate oxygen around the body, but even going for a walk can help you feel relax and feel tired and so you are ready when it comes to bed to sleep.

3. Learn to control the amount of sugar you have a day
Instead of having a bad snack, swap it for something healthier. As we have learnt in previous blogs, sugar can cause fatigue, depression and anxiety and so if you are already tired and you also have a poor diet, then your energy levels will be falling very fast. Eating foods such as, oats, bananas, chicken and turkey, spinach and fish which all help to boost your mood. If you do not get enough omega-3 in your diet then that can lead to depression and so fish is one of the best things you can eat to life your energy.

4. Swap the coffee for water or tea
Of course, coffee may give you a boost, but only for a while and it is followed by an exponentially greater energy crash. Instead of having a coffee, drinking water or a tea, such as green tea, is a healthier option and does not have the same affects that a coffee does on your energy. If coffee is the first thing that you drink in the morning, then it means that you cannot rely on it and without that coffee you would be falling asleep. Your brain has now adapted to this way and cannot function without it, therefore, making you tired and crash when you don’t have it, and the more of it you have, the more of it you need to be able to stay awake as you become immune to it. Instead of coffee, having a tea or water in the morning is the best way to wake up feeling refreshed and energised. It may take a few days to stop feeling groggy as your body will be used to coffee, however, once you are over the withdrawals, you will begin to feel good and not need to rely on coffee to stay awake, as that is the function of your body.

5. Lighten the load
One main reason people are fatigued, is due to having too much on their plate. That can include, family, work and social obligations. Instead of trying to fit it all in, learn to prioritise. Create a must do activities list. Set your priorities in terms of what is most important. Make sure that you allow time for yourself, if you are working all week and then it comes to the weekend and you find that you must see friends and parties, don’t go to them, learn to be selfish and relax.

6. Control stress
Stress takes a toll and can lower people’s moods. Going to a support group, seeing a therapist or partaking in relaxation therapies, like meditation, yoga and self-hypnosis are all effective tools for reducing stress.

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